Opinion: Adekunle Gold and Simi Sexual Escapades on "Sinner"

Come on, how far will it get!🥴 

Meanwhile, their so much I appreciate about the couples. 

I wouldn't dispute the remarkable cordial bond between them and how their journey all started.

I remember back then, when simi was still a gospel singer, She Said: Adekunle was chasing her on Facebook and also went  to her show in Bogobiri.

The whole truth is that their relationship started as friends. While they were in a relationship, it was not publicized to the face of the nation and probably attract attention and follows. Like how celebrities do.

I mean, they too are celebrities. I forgot

Is even more amazing that they dated for seven years from 2016 when he released "orente" they were still friends (he sang the song for her😁). Meaning, right from when they met, they started and remain friends. 


Come on, what am saying is true. Such adventure is hard to come by, except is a contract marriage like that of Jazzy and Beyonce. 

Ok a few?

Double bombshell for me on the 9th of January, 2019 they finally got married.

I love the song "By You", it was a matchless fit, can't compare. Best "Assurance" song of all time, am not talking about the one Davido sang. It is not tr...

Simi's Life after Marriage

The way they stand by each other like TomTom and even had a more concealing bond of love - their daughter Adejare

The birth leads to an inspirational EP Duduke A song for passionate moms, both upcoming mom and those that have given birth to five children.

Talking about life after marriage, Simi did both. 

Before marriage, It was simi that help in the mix of the song "Gold" that topped at Billboard and got wide recognitions.

See the balance, minus fame, minus family responsibility, husband matter, She still dey support her husband for his career.

All these young girls wey no even get anything, carry their chest up to the moon. Who are they?

No vex am deviating.

I rep Simi!

But The Song "Sinner" Sha

Cool song, Adekunle is working hard to stay relevant in the industry. Cudos on his song "something different", and "Just way it is", to mention a few.

# "Something Different"

# "It Is What it is"

I don't like the sexual demonstration of the couple to  "sinner". 

They now have a kid, that's watching. She would get the negative feedback negatively. If I may.

I understand, they want to demonstrate the term sinner, and make the song epic. But I don't understand.

All these explanations I have been making so far, don't tell me, you have not watched the video😳

Go and watch it.

You make me waste my saliva, no i think is spelt saliver.

All I have said here tonight is for educational purposes and nothing less.

Pour your heart in a comment below, I must reply to you 🤓

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