I enjoy been referred to as the "audio governor" - Governor Makinde

Governor Seyi Makinde has expressed his feelings at being referred to as "audio Governor" by his opponents.

During his remarks at the swearing in of the seven commissioner nominees who were reappointed into his cabinet on Friday, August 6, Makinde said he enjoyed being dubbed the "audio governor" by his opponents, who are now "acknowledging the visuals" and questioning whether the projects are sustainable.

The governor of Oyo state stated that his administration is committed to ensuring that progress is disseminated throughout the state.

According to him,

“Our administration has gained a reputation for accomplishing long-term development in all sectors while not abandoning any locality. We want to go above and beyond what we've done so far.

“When I meet someone and they tell me they are from Oyo State, I ask them what geopolitical zone they are from. I ask if they've seen any of these initiatives in their communities once they've told me. As a result, we've earned a reputation for it. It's even causing development all around the state, which is precisely what we want.

“I recall them telling me that everything was OK.

“I recall them telling us that everything we were doing was audio over a year ago. Then there was the time when I relished being the'audio governor.' They're acknowledging the visuals because I'm the audio, and by the time we're done, they'll realize we've raised the standard on governance.

“I was recently speaking with a brother-governor, and he told me that they first referred to you as audio. They're now saying, "We're watching what you're doing." Then they wonder if those things can be sustained. We have paid salaries to our employees and retirees in the state for more than two years. As a result, they'll keep moving their positions until they run out of options.”

He asked the commissioners to do their role in making 'emphatic' leadership the new normal in Oyo State and, by extension, Nigeria, because the entire country is watching.

He further said:

“The people of Oyo State will no longer be subjected to poor leadership. Because the entire country is watching, you all have a part to play in making 'emphatic' leadership the new normal in Oyo State and, by extension, Nigeria. We must not stop increasing the bar; instead, we must continue to do so. 

“Yes, we have accomplished much already, but now is not the time to rest on our laurels; instead, consider fresh and inventive ways to carry out our mandate and positively touch the lives of Oyo State residents.

“By the time we conclude our tenure in office, we will have elevated the bar for governance in Oyo State, and I am confident that I will have learned a thing or two from you.”

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