Japanese Artist who makes Art out of Rice Balls - Yes Rice Balls

If you love Art, you'd know this is a beautiful piece art. There is one fun part, is it food. 

It is made from rice balls also known as onigiri in japanese. 

The creator is a Japanese, who started crafting his designs because of a rice ball contest, about two years ago. 

“About two years ago, I learned that there was a rice ball contest, and when I applied for it, I woke up to rice ball art. When I posted the rice balls I made on SNS, I received a lot of happy messages such as wanting to see more and looking forward to the next one, so I am motivated to continue making various rice balls by trial and error,” artist told Bored Panda".

He firstly started out on YouTube, making videos and is now spreading his work of art on social media - Instagram, Twitter etc. 

He made his first designs and posted them online and got much cheers and admirations for himself. 

Who wouldnt admire, it is rice.  I loved it as soon as I saw it, but i don't think I would be able to eat it. 

I applaud you generously for your work, Japanese man. 

Here in Nigeria, If you waste rice in meat ballyou'll get mixed reaction about how you're wasting food that others are looking for.

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