Sports Ministry has shamed Nigeria at the 2020 Olympic Games - Dalung, Former Minister Of Sport

Former Minister of Sports Solomon Dalung claims that the current Minister of Sport has shamed the country during the Tokyo Olympics.

According to Dalung, his replacement as sports minister, Sunday Dare, lacks the "patriotic political will to victory on the Olympic ground," which explains why Team Nigeria lost so many games in Tokyo.

Dare was also chastised for his rash decision to dissolve federation boards just three months before the Olympics.

“I believe that dissolving the boards was a lack of patriotic political will to build on the victories already made on the ground.

“When I became minister, I picked up where my predecessor left off. We built on prior triumphs when we got to the field, and Nigeria performed admirably.

“Dissolving federations three months before the Olympics shows that we are unprepared for the Games. No general expects to win a war by disbanding his forces on the eve of an attack. For more than two years, the disintegrated boards had trained and catered for the male athletes. Crises are unavoidable in human life, but how they are handled determines the quality of leadership. Many crises were passed down to me, but I was able to resolve them.

“Taking responsibility is important to leadership. Someone must be held responsible when things go wrong. It is possible to escape the entire shame drama. It's a pity the country has ended up in this situation.”

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