Sunni Welles, the actress who accused Bill Cosby of sexual assault twice, died at the age of 72.

American actress, Sunni Welles who accused Bill Cosby of sexual assault has passed away at the age of 72. O'Banion Welles, his partner Petra Hejdukov√°, and their son Indiana survive her, as do her brother Larry Rihl and step-siblings Vivian Harris, Cindy Kashdin, Gene Rihl, Frank Rihl, and Alan Rihl.

Welles was one of more than 50 women who came out with sexual assault allegations against Cosby in 2015.

Her Son Shaun O'Banion, shared news about his mother death on Twitter on Monday. And confirmed in a statement to ET, that her mom died at a hospice care center in Downey, California, after coping with lung cancer. 

This was his words: "It is with profound sadness that I announce that my mother, Sunni Kay Welles, passed away today at the age of 72."

He spoke of how great his mom was:
"If you have a moment, give a listen and think of her. She was an extraordinary woman,"

He also share a memory, a link to a recording of Welles singing: "Rio de Janeiro Blues" with her jazz band, Shiver.
Before her final exit, O'Banion exclaimed his mom is a fighter, and he is proud to be her son:
"My mother was a fighter, literally from the day she was born. My grandmother would tell me my mom 'fit in the palm of her hand,' and 'looked like a baby bird.' 
" Throughout her life and career, she was also like lightning in a bottle and always championed the work and efforts of others… But what I think she would be most proud of, and certainly what I am most proud of is what I think will be her legacy: Her voice. Not her singing voice, although that was stellar, too...," 

O'Banion in statement also reveals that her mom did not let her voice down from the man who sexually assaulted her: "But her voice in speaking out publicly against the man who violated her and the fact that she and her sister survivors helped to change laws and, I hope, permanently alter the response to survivors of sexual assault. She was extraordinary in every way and I will miss her every day of my life." 

Welles began her acting career when she was ten years old, with appearances in prominent television sitcoms such as, "Leave It to Beaver and My Three Sons". 

As an ambitious actress, she traveled to Las Vegas in 1979 to perform in the Folies Bergère musical variety show. She continued to act on the side until the 1990s, when she concentrated on becoming a jazz soloist with her band, which toured California.

Gloria Allred, who was representing Welles at the time, claimed she was 17 years old when she went out to dinner with the comedian after her mother, a Paramount studios story editor, introduced them.

She claimed to have been drugged twice and to have awoken naked: "waking up naked in a bed alone in a sparsely furnished apartment all alone", and" felt as if I had had sex."

In 2004, Colby was charged with drugging and sexually assaulting her, and he was found guilty. Despite the fact that it was reversed by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court owing to a document received by ET, it was upheld by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court.

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