"Weight of an Apple, the World's Smallest Baby" - Returns Home after 13 months in the Hospital

Yu Xuan, the world's smallest infant at the time of his birth, is receiving 13 months of intensive care in Singapore. 

Kwek Yu Xuan weighed only 212g (7.47oz) and measured 24cm in length at the time of his delivery.

She was born at about 25 weeks, 15 weeks ramming to less than 4 months to the usual 9 months pregnant carriage. 

In terms of previous records, the record holder was a girl born in the United States in 2018 who weighed 245g at birth, according to the University of Iowa's tiniest Babies Registry.

The baby's mother delivered her an emergency C-section four months ahead of schedule after being diagnosed with pre-eclampsia.

Yu Xuan now weighs a much healthy 6.3kg after spending almost a year in hospital (14 pounds).
According to the National University Hospital (NUH) in Singapore, where the newborn girl was born, she had a "limited prospect of survival."

"Despite the chances, she has inspired many around her with her perseverance and growth, which makes her an amazing "Covid-19" baby - a beacon of hope in the midst of hardship," the hospital said in a statement.

Yu Xuan received a variety of treatments in the hospital and had to rely on a variety of devices to stay alive.

The baby's chronic lung disease is still present, and she will need breathing help at home. Doctors at NUH, on the other hand, are optimistic that she will get well with time.

Wong Mei Ling, the baby's mother, told the reporters that she was astonished by the size because her first child, a four-year-old boy, was delivered on time.

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